Office Manager / Asset Tracking Administrator

The 2020 Decennial Asset Management Program is under the Decennial Contracts Execution Office (DCEO). The purpose of the office is to ensure that all assets that are designated as “accountable”, “sensitive” and/or “data bearing (asset contains PII or Title 13 data)” that are purchased, leased or otherwise acquired by federal funds are stringently and accurately accounted for during their entire life-cycle. The failure at any point within the entire life cycle (timeframe of usage) of these assets to exercise full accountability and control has the potential to directly and negatively affect the mission and outcome of the 2020 Decennial.

The Office Manager/Asset Tracking Administrator is a key member of the DCEO staff. They are responsible for the organization and coordination of DCEO office operations, procedures and resources to facilitate organizational effectiveness and efficiency. They are also responsible for assisting in the verification that data for every accountable asset is entered and updated, throughout the asset lifecycle, into the official property system of record.


  • Responsible for entering new and updated asset information into approved inventory system
  • Edit and format Microsoft Office documentation (including, word, excel and PowerPoint slides) as requested
  • Manage office staff schedules, calendars, and appointments
  • Schedule and coordinate meetings and appointments as requested
  • Receive and direct visitors to appropriate meetings
  • Record, compile and distribute meeting minutes
  • Organize orientation and training of new DCEO staff.
  • Order, monitor and maintain office supplies inventory
  • Work with Federal staff to design and implement office policies and procedures
  • Work with Federal staff to support resource management (including space management, facility support requests, seating locator inventories)
  • Work with Federal staff to support business management (including document management, SharePoint uploads, mailing lists, artifact generation for data calls)


  • Four (4) to seven (7) years of administrative and supervisory experience
  • Experienced in prioritizing requests
  • Strong Microsoft Office skills
  • Knowledge of asset tracking and accountability practices

Formal Education & Certification:

  • Bachelor’s degree with four years of experience
  • High School diploma with seven years of experience

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