Senior SAS Developer

A Senior SAS Developer performs like a technical expert working with SAS optimization programs to address and mitigate SAS problems within the StEPS environment


  • Provide expertise in SAS performance optimization.
  • Serve as StEPS application SAS Architect for legacy StEPS
  • Work closely with StEPS programmers to understand the components of StEPS and fine-tune those components of the system.
  • Review application designs and SAS program code looking for areas to enhance efficiency and functionality, and support efforts to troubleshoot and correct current and future programming problems.
  • Provide the StEPS development programmers and the survey production programmers with specific examples demonstrating SAS programming solutions, SAS programming best practices, and efficiencies.
  • Help troubleshoot SAS problems experienced across the Economic Applications Division (EAD).
  • Provide instruction and knowledge transfer to small groups of SAS programmers about specific techniques used in SAS applications, answer questions from programmers on various SAS products and provide advice on the best way to correct problems.
  • Advise StEPS development programmers on the best way to implement off-the-shelf SAS features and where this type of functionality is best suited within StEPS.
  • Ensure that all completed services are fully tested and documented.