US Census Bureau GIS mapping, Survey Collection, and COVID-19

The Coleman Group supports the U.S. Census Bureau to provide state-of-the-art GIS mapping of the COVID-19 household survey data. The Household Pulse Survey is designed to deploy quickly and efficiently, collecting data to measure household experiences during the pandemic.

The Census Bureau, with support from the Coleman Group, sends out a 20-minute online survey studying how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting American households across the country from a social and economic perspective. The survey also asks questions such as the intention to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. It analyzes the information to create accurate, relevant statistics about the nation’s people, places, and economy. These statistics help inform officials and policymakers about communities and individuals across the United States impacted by the pandemic.

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Coleman develops 508-compliant web-and mobile-based applications used by the general public, public health officials, and local and federal policymakers. We configure and distribute the Pulse weekly e-newsletter on a strict schedule so that the data are disseminated in near real-time to inform federal and state response and recovery planning. The Coleman Group’s software and GIS developers and engineers support the Household Pulse’s weekly emails that display the survey results to the public, the data mapping tools on the Census Bureau website, data tables, and public use files.

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