Procurement Management Solutions


Coleman works with our Federal, State, and transit industry clientele to provide technical assistance and solutions to their acquisition issues.

This assistance takes several different forms, which includes:

  • Providing answers to industry questions that are submitted to the Federal Transit Administration’s Procurement Helpline concerning Federal statutes, regulations and policies that affect the acquisition process in the transit industry
  • Researching and writing of the FTA Best Practices Procurement Manual, which identifies transit industry procurement best practices and discusses important issues affecting FTA grantee third party contracts
  • Working with transit agencies at FTA’s request to assist them with developing procurement policies and procedures manuals that meet FTA regulatory requirements, and providing advice for conducting specific complex acquisitions
  • Assisting FTA Regional Offices in the evaluation and disposition of procurement issues that arise in connection with specific grantee procurements
  • Conducting seminars for various State Departments of Transportation to instruct their grantees concerning FTA procurement regulations and policies

Procurement & Acquisitions Management Consulting

The Coleman Group Inc., provides procurement and acquisition subject matter expertise for Federal and State Agencies and assists grantees in maintaining efficient and effective procurement systems. These services include:

Procurement Systems Reviews

The Coleman Group deploys a comprehensive systems review process which takes a lifecycle approach:

Our Business Analysts conduct in-depth reviews of individual Grantee Procurement Policies and Procedures to ensure compliance with Federal and State Regulations.

The analysts review the Grantee’s Procurements to determine and ensure that they comply with Federal and State Regulations as well as their Policies and Procedures.  In our comprehensive report we present our findings and where necessary identify any policy and procedural changes. We also provide critical technical training and assistance to resolve any deficiencies.

Procurement System Review (PSR) Guide Development

Our Documentation Analysts will develop and maintain the Procurement System Review Guide for Contractors that conduct the PSRs and periodically update the Guide based upon changes in the Regulations and suggested improvements that result from the reviews.

Best Practices – Procurement Manual Development

Our Business Analysts research the Procurement Industry’s Best Practices and conduct periodic meetings with Industry Procurement Managers to develop and maintain an operation reflecting current Best Practices.

Our Documentation Analysts will author Procurement Guidance for Grantees and publish the documentation electronically on the Agency’s Web Page to ensure that all participants can benefit from the latest in Best Practices.

Procurement Training Workshops

In order that we provide a forum to keep Grantees current on the latest regulations and best practices, we conduct Procurement Training Workshops. All of the training materials that we develop will address procurement issues that Grantees encounter during their Procurement System Reviews and ensure current knowledge in the leading edge solutions and best practices.

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