Software Solutions


Coleman has been a leader in Software Solutions since our early beginnings. We provide comprehensive assistance for our clientele’s development needs. Our highly skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable team members use proven methodologies in CMMI Level 3 and ITIL environments.

Coleman’s Software Capabilities Include:

Big Data and Cloud Analytics

Coleman works with our clientele to leverage Big Data and Cloud Analytics in order to reveal business insights. We implement solutions based on proven industry standards to provide secure and actionable intelligence from structured and unstructured data. Our approach involves working with our clients’ decision makers to provide solutions to support timely, accurate, and relevant information. Our software engineers work to align processes with complex data not just to manage more data but to turn it into business value and deliver mission success.

Coleman’s Big Data and Cloud Analytics Capabilities Provide:

  • Data Fusion and Integration Services
  • Cutting-Edge, Cost-Effective Data Analytics Solutions
  • Cloud Strategy, Design, Integration and Analytics

Geospatial Information Systems

Coleman is an ESRI partner and recognized leader in GIS and Geospatial Decision Support solutions that include analysis, acquisition and integration of GIS functionality. Coleman provides support to assist our clientele in developing state-of-the-art geospatial strategies and technologies for mission analysis, decision support and information dissemination.

Coleman’s Geospatial Information Systems Deliver:

  • GIS functionality insertion
  • Efficient data collection, multi-source fusion and spatial analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Customized interoperable applications
  • Streamlined development of computer models and decision-support tools

Enterprise Data Management

Coleman works with our clientele to successfully address data warehousing, business intelligence and database management needs. Our highly skilled, experience and knowledgeable team members use proven methodologies to address the challenges and manage risks to their data security and information assets. Our enterprise data management solutions deliver flexible high-performance environments, enabling more productive information sharing.

Coleman’s Enterprise Data Management Professionals Deliver:

  • Data Warehouse Designs that are based on flexible, extensible and robust architectures
  • Business Intelligence Solutions that support the predictive analysis, ad-hoc reporting and decisions-making needs
  • Database Development Expertise that implements complex applications and secure solutions
  • Database Management Services that guarantee consistent day to day operations and high degree of system availability

Web Development

Coleman’s team of skilled and experienced web developers successfully delivers innovative, dynamic web solutions that meet and exceed our clientele’s needs. We collaborate with our clientele to design and develop solutions that help them manage and distribute information quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Coleman’s Web Development Professionals Build:

  • Web Application Designs that are robust, flexible, and communicate our clients’ vision
  • Portals that combine information access and content distribution with collaboration, workflow management and social networking mechanisms
  • Enterprise-level Solutions that facilitate access to corporate information assets
  • Content Management Solutions that support information control and help manage data effectively

Case Management Solutions

The Coleman Group, Inc. provides the ability to access client processes and help design solutions to address their data and administrative needs. These services include:

Work Flow Analysis and Process Improvement
Our Business Analysts improve your current business processes (manual and automated) by proactively identifying, analyzing, and improving your existing business processes to fulfill new enterprise requirements.

Our Security Engineers work with FedRAMP compliant data and provide database protection for physical servers and cloud environments against unwanted access/actions from unauthorized users.

Data Integration
Our Data Migration Specialists combine Best Practices in technical and business processes to provide seamless data integration, storage, and retrieval.

Frontend and Backend Solution Design
Our Software Engineers develop user-friendly interfaces that ease the user experience and improves the learning curve for new employees and associates. We build databases and server solutions that are secure.

Our Reports Analysts create custom and ad-hoc reports, documents on-demand and enterprise dashboards to fulfill any of your reporting needs.

Document Management
Our Developers provide the best methods for document storage, archival, and secure data access for your entire enterprise.

Our Developers provide the solutions for enterprises to create the method to access information anywhere, anytime, on any device quickly and securely.

Our Developers provide the ability to file and/or retrieve documents or artifacts anytime, from any place, on any device safely and securely.

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