Transforming public health data into maps and actionable information

Understanding the impacts of “place” leads to better health and strengthens public health preparedness

As technologies evolve and mobile devices proliferate the market, public and private entities across the world have access to an extraordinary amount of fast-evolving and improving information. The amount and type of data can be overwhelming to collect, analyze, and deliver. Equally, challenging is the ability to aggregate, organize, synthesize that data into actionable information and deliver it in real or near-real time to multiple sources, humans, machines, or other devices.



Coleman Group Supports Vaccine Hesitancy Research

Reaching the Vaccine-Averse: The Role of Cue-based Trust in COVID-19 Vaccination Social Media Vlogs Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy

The Coleman Group Inc. is proud to support public health data mapping and behavior change research. Our recent vaccine hesitancy work with Dr. Alexander Pfeuffer and our company’s original research on COVID-19 behavior change among resistant populations has led to Coleman’s contribution to further work in the field.


Portrait of family after getting covid-19 vaccine. Recognizing the potential in depicting regular individuals’ vaccination experiences in increasing COVID-19 vaccine uptake on social media platforms, organizations such as universities, companies, or government agencies have begun sharing regular individuals’ experiences throughout the vaccination process to encourage others to also obtain the vaccine.